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Saturday, 29 May 2010

How to Read The Romantic Body Language

Read Romantic Body Language
Step 1:
Eye Contact. Eye contact is the first sign that will signal to you that he is interested. He will make eye contact for about 3 seconds and then look away. He then will look at you for a longer time. This type of flirtation using the eyes may be done in any setting. Another sign that shows he is interested is that his pupils will enlarge. Single people should pay attention when they walk through the grocery store or at the gym. Mr. Right may be looking in their direction.
Step 2:
Touch. Someone interested in you will pretend to “accidentally“ brush something off your sleeve or shoulder. When they laugh, they will lightly touch your arm. If you are sitting down, they may touch your leg. These are all intimate signs that she would like to get to know you better.
Step 3:
Smile and laugh. A smile shows you that they are happy being near you. She will smile at you and laugh at your jokes. A smile shows others that they enjoy being in your presence.
Step 4:
Stroking . She may slowly rub her arm while you are talking. It is a way of saying that she wants to be touched in this way. Or you may notice that she is stroking the stem of a wine glass or rolling an object between her fingers. These are all activities that imitate actions during sex. She is telling you that she desires to stroke you and touch you.
Step 5:
. Grooming. She will run her hands through her hair. She will toss her hair back or twirl it between her fingers. She is telling you that she wants to look her best for you.
Step 6:
Licking their lips. She will slowly lick her lips to bring your attention to them.
Step 7:
Leaning towards you. His body will lean towards you when you are talking. It may begin with the head or he could lean his entire body. This is a sign that he would like to be closer to you. Try leaning towards him. If he leans away from you, he is telling you that he is not comfortable being that close to you and he is not interested. A woman will cross her legs and point one foot your way.
Step 8:
Standing close. He will stand close to you while he is talking. He will enter the comfort zone that we normally keep when we are talking to people. He is telling you he is comfortable being near you and he is preventing others from getting in between the two of you during your conversation.
Tips & Warnings
Have fun in your search for a true love. Don't put so much pressure on finding him. It will happen when you least expect it.
Finding love is a journey that we all embark on. Never give up even if you have had your heart broken a million times. He is out there.
Love like you have never had your heart broken.

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