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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Female Body Language

Understanding a woman's emotions is always tough for men. With body language knowledge, however, things can become a bit easier. Men often take a lively interest in female body language. It is one of the most perplexing things for them. The suggestions given here will help them read her body language effectively and unfold all her mysteries.

Tips and Ideas for Female Body Language
• If a woman tries to grab your attention, then it clearly indicates that she is interested in you.
• If a woman sits pointing her foot or leg in your direction, then she has soft feelings for you.

• When a female keeps tossing her hair, it indicates that she is interested in you.
• If a woman fondles her jewelry while conversing with you, she is perhaps in love with you.
• When both of you are talking or drinking and she is looking at you constantly, it signifies love. A long eye contact is a great clue of love.

• When you stare at her and she smiles, according to female body language, it is love.

• If a woman asks everything about you, then she is certainly interested in you.
• If she starts a conversation with you, then according to female body language she might be interested in you.
• When a woman smiles at you, it shows friendliness and openness. Do not get carried away with her friendly gesture and think it to be love.

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